The last lesson by Alphonse Daudet

Patriotic, valorous,
M.Hamel gravelly engraved?
‘Vive la France’
Urge to learn French provoked.

Air revived with gratitude,
As unequaled marched through the rows,
Fed me a primer,
A desire indeed.

The uttered phrase echoed,
Irate instant,
M.Hamel said,
“We could be enslaved till we hold fast to our language.”

Lumps in lungs,
Mewling tears full of-Gratitude,
“Freedom being our heredity”
“Life without liberty is living dead”

Drill stopped,
German master put in an appearance,
Bornt the new me,
Let slip the old idle.

All those years hatin’
Flashed, got me regrettin’
Grieved, a clap of thunder-struck,
Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons?

The time came 1873,
I, sluggish but sensitive,
As a kid, Adored playing in nature,
Language river mustn’t wane.

This poem is dedicated to Franz who was a great human after all. I named this “Craving to reverse” because of these two reasons :

  • In the days of the Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871), France was defeated by Prussia led by Bismark. French districts of Alsace and Lorraine were into Prussian hands. After M.Hamel read the primer, fire lit in Franz’s eyes telling M.Hamel that he will learn French(as by now he knows the importance).
  • The poem written by me is in reverse order of incidents that happened on the following day.

This lesson and research have taught me a lot about war and patriotism.

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Enlightening souls – Friends

People Change People

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Is bad really cooler? Is it healthy for you? Will your future self regret your actions?


This post mostly focuses on the youth. Feel free to steal the knowledge.

What is really a friend? It’s more than you assume.

Emotional support and guidance.

  • A friend should back you up and be in your hardest and happiest times. Give advice only when needed.
  • You should know who deserves to be your friend.
  • Point to remember- If your dear one is in grief or having a hard time and you don’t reach out to them, they will never forget it.

Equilibrium between giving and take

  • There are two scenarios
    • The one friend who always gives his/her energy and time and has nothing in return.
    • The one friend who always takes to fulfill their needs and not giving back the same energy.
  • The energy between them should be in equilibrium.

Friends bring out the best in you.

  • If you convey to your friend that you want to start a business. They appreciate you and build up your confidence and maybe help you if possible. A friend should celebrate after you achieve it.
  • They should not demotivate or lose confidence in you.
  • Appreciating the abilities and helping in improving the weakness.

Determine if you can communicate effectively

  • Sharing thoughts and feelings without any limits. You should be comfortable in keeping your opinions also you should be comfortable if challenged by friends not turned off. Self-control and learning from mistakes is the key.
  • A good friend will tell you when you are wrong and you should be comfortable doing the same.

Respect and trust are the roots of a healthy friendship

  • A negative friend may tell you that you’re “worthless”, “stupid”, or “dumb”. They may also tell you that you’re wrong and that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • They may put you down in front of others to make themselves look better and focus on the things you’re bad at to make you feel diminished.
  • Hanging out with negative friends may leave you feeling low, depressed, and worthless.
  • You should know when you are getting used.

Keeping the atmosphere clean and positive around you brings out the best in you. Be yourself so that people know the real you. Every person is unique and has something for us to learn:)

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Never Assume.(won’t regret reading)

In this world, you can’t be innocent, either selfish. Everybody in this universe knows what’s disastrous and promising. There are situations in everyone’s life where you think the other person is wrong, but sometimes he is right. We must try to be appreciating and make others happy. Before acknowledging, comprehend the context. You need to be the role model for the younger.

What is fear, a.k.a. death? Fear only exists because we fear to perish. “One day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember. ” Avicii said. You need to cherish every moment of your life. You never know what happens next.

Resisting happiness by Matthew Kelly

Be you. ❤

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