The last lesson by Alphonse Daudet

Patriotic, valorous,
M.Hamel gravelly engraved?
‘Vive la France’
Urge to learn French provoked.

Air revived with gratitude,
As unequaled marched through the rows,
Fed me a primer,
A desire indeed.

The uttered phrase echoed,
Irate instant,
M.Hamel said,
“We could be enslaved till we hold fast to our language.”

Lumps in lungs,
Mewling tears full of-Gratitude,
“Freedom being our heredity”
“Life without liberty is living dead”

Drill stopped,
German master put in an appearance,
Bornt the new me,
Let slip the old idle.

All those years hatin’
Flashed, got me regrettin’
Grieved, a clap of thunder-struck,
Will they make them sing in German, even the pigeons?

The time came 1873,
I, sluggish but sensitive,
As a kid, Adored playing in nature,
Language river mustn’t wane.

This poem is dedicated to Franz who was a great human after all. I named this “Craving to reverse” because of these two reasons :

  • In the days of the Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871), France was defeated by Prussia led by Bismark. French districts of Alsace and Lorraine were into Prussian hands. After M.Hamel read the primer, fire lit in Franz’s eyes telling M.Hamel that he will learn French(as by now he knows the importance).
  • The poem written by me is in reverse order of incidents that happened on the following day.

This lesson and research have taught me a lot about war and patriotism.

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Anti-bullying club – A safe place

There is someone to talk to.

Who are we?

We are a baby organization aiming to eradicate bullying and the effects of
bullying on child’s minds and their overall development. I, Gargee Sinha
Roy, who has suffered and seen bullying and knowing the effects of it
throughout a person’s life mentally, started this club for creating a
personal space for the bullied and the victims of bullying. We started our
journey on 17th June 2021. We comprehend bullying as abuse and we also
realize that there is no such section or law in the legislature against
bullying except cyberbullying under the IT and IPC act. We also want to
sensitize the people about other forms of bullying which is recognized by
UNICEF as the obstruction to SDG 4 of 2030. We want to take our baby
steps against bullying and make the world a better place.

What do we do?

We reach out to the bullied and the victims of bullying through different
social media platforms, We gather them in our discord server and let them
share their experiences in the different channels of their interests where
they can explore their interests, and through that, we also conduct
meetings through which we talk to them and know their stories. We also
help them. We have volunteers under us who report bullying of any kind
which includes cyberbullying as well.

Connect to us by:

Our Members
• Gargee Sinha Roy (Founder)
• Mayank Tiwari (Leader)
• Shruti Patil (Motivational Speaker)
• Anshika Singh (Helper/ Healer)
• Yogesh Arya
• Shweta Padmadas
• Sakshi Gupta
• Sarah Fernandes
• Blessy Nadar

Hey friend! It’s me-time. When did the childhood end?

I was in 8th when I first time got bullied. This would amaze you but I didn’t know the portrayal of bullying. So, I would just let the harassment happen. I write these “blogs” because I feel someone would feel delighted skimming them and would help them at least a 0.0000000001%.

I was in coaching classes. There were no girls in ’em only boys of my school who were the “Group of mean boys”. I hated the fact that there was this one girl but didn’t like to talk to me much. She used to hang out with those gross boys. The teachers in the classes weren’t good enough to infer the circumstance so they joined the ” Team Boys”. Humiliating myself in front of everyone was just my thing now. Those days I used to feel depressed and affected my grades. Grades lowered from 96% to 67%. I tried to tell my mother but the thing was the “head” of the coaching classes was her best friend I didn’t want to ruin the relationship.

I guessed 9th grade would be different. I’m vulnerable at guessing. Guess what I was 14 then. What do you expect? I didn’t know a storm was about to come. Everything just disappeared as in the behavior. Friends, relatives, my dad. I sat in the bay window. Time stood still. There was no light but not dark. Sun was in the ambush. The weather wasn’t cold neither hot. Air and sadness felt soft but happiness was rough. Had lost my grandfather this year. And the next, God took grandmother with him without a sign. This slammed my mother painfully. She is a hero.

I remember me sobbing on a pillow late at night. I had made a big mistake back in 9th. I tried to mend it. I couldn’t do a difference. I don’t want to be a bad image to siblings. Back then I didn’t know who I was. I lost my identity. I hated every second feeling insecure. but didn’t show out my insecurities.

Random advice: If you love someone really by heart don’t break his/her trust. It may trigger you and them. No one knows I blog. That is why I feel this is my safe place. Someday when I will be old and reading this cringe. Teenagers overthink things a lot. Someone could have warned me!

Now, everything is just fine. I love it now in these years I’ve understood many and many things. Things have just taken a u – turn pulling away from the grief, sorrow, darkness. I am grateful for what I have. I will thank each one who helps even though they did bad to me before. I don’t want things to change. I don’t want to grow. I love having fun. I make sure my family and friends don’t get bored when they are with me. Embrace the love you get and that my friend will give you the real happiness.

When does childhood end?

* We have a 4-year-old in our neighborhood. I asked her school’s name. She said zoom. XD OMG. Is the pandemic expiring this year?

This blog was written on the spot. Today the atmosphere was alike and reminded me of those days. Please forgive any mistakes.

For death,

Meaningless – sadness

Meaningful – happiness.

Love yourself ❤


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