Hope Glares


Arose as one through dark, Forged ahead into the lumen of gratitude Beams to strengthen the edifice in the walls filled with freedom. Grace of rays through window cleave Giving hope to march along Lasting Universe is limit said Writing words speaks louder said Hell, the ocean bed Relatively elegant and serene Hope fencing, took … Continue reading Hope Glares




The last lesson by Alphonse Daudet Patriotic et valorousM.Hamel gravelly engraved?‘Vive la France'Urge to learn French provoked Air revived with gratitudeAs unequaled marched through the rowsFed me a primerA desire indeed The uttered phrase echoedIrate instantM.Hamel said,“We could be enslaved till we hold fast to our language.” Lumps in lungsMewling tears full of-Gratitude“Freedom being our … Continue reading ☻CRAVING TO REVERSE☻

Never Assume.(won’t regret reading)

In this world, you can't be innocent, either selfish. Everybody in this universe knows what's disastrous and promising. There are situations in everyone's life where you think the other person is wrong, but sometimes he is right. We must try to be appreciating and make others happy. Before acknowledging, comprehend the context. You need to … Continue reading Never Assume.(won’t regret reading)